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I'm currently testing a new Online Booking and Photo Delivery App... the Green Registration Button will take you to  the new App where the current weeks worth of games that I'll be at are listed.  If you don't see a game that you would like to get photos for, email or message me to request at or 315.569.0435.

I provide you with professional quality hi-resolution digital images of your child enjoying the sport they love to play, Creating life long memories that both you and your child will enjoy.

Let's schedule your game time, and make some memories to share, print or anything else that you want....the images will be  yours to keep forever!

It really is that simple... schedule a date/time, I come to the site and take the photos, within 24-36 hours, I then send you a link to download the files and you can share, print, post on Facebook, etc.  The gallery will be posted here if you want to order prints, magnets, mugs or anything else you can think of,  and will be delivered directly to your home.

The images from the online gallery will not have watermarks or logos on them when downloaded or printed.

Call and ask about multiple package deals.  All events require pre-registration.   Click the green "Pre-Register" button below to select your game date and time, select your package options, I will confirm availability and email a confirmation as soon as possible.

Most images are cropped for a 5x7 display and not necessarily for printing...If you want a different print size and can't make the online cropping work, let me know and I can modify the cropping to accommodate... contact me at or 315.569.0435.  

- - A 4 x 5 crop will yield prints that are: 8 x 10, 11 x 14 and 16 x 20. A 4 x 6 crop will yield prints that are: 8 x 12, 16 x 24 and 20 x 30.  - -

E-Mail: | 315.569.0435

All photo galleries shown on this website are property of Bill Gambino Action Sports Photography unless otherwise noted.  Permission is needed if photos are to be used in print or on other web sites. ┬ęBill Gambino Action Sports Photography

New Tournament Tent

Don't forget to look for our new Tournament Tent to pre-register for your Action Photos

During these Difficult Times with COVID-19 and a complete lack of Sports to Photograph... I have ventured into providing Lawn Signs for High School Seniors, College Graduates, Elementary and Middle School "Moving Up"  yard signs. 

I've also added Custom Door Banners for an added touch to your decorating! Banners are starting at 2'x4' and up.

Signs are 24"w x 16"h made out of coroplast and includes the wire foot stakes.  Many local schools have designs already posted on the new website...check them out here!


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